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At Elysian Social Collective, we believe that patient education is a crucial component of our practice. Dr. Nicole, our founder, has a deep understanding of the challenges that come with practice. Whether you are an associate, independent contractor, or own and operate your own practice, there are a lot of moving parts. It's easy to feel bogged down and lost in the day-to-day. Elysian was born out of the need to bring bliss back to practice and educate patients in the fast-paced society of modern day.  

My Story

Dr. Nicole is a holistic Chiropractic Physician, acupuncture fellow, and trauma informed sound therapy practitioner. She graduated from Logan University in Chesterfield, MO, after completing her clinical internship at the Veterans Administration in St. Louis. She also holds a Master's in Nutrition & Human Performance as well as specialized training in pregnancy and pediatric care.


Prior to becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Nicole worked as a Firefighter-Paramedic. After years of working in the medical setting, she found herself treating patients where she felt so many of their conditions could have been prevented. She wanted to turn the focus back on treating the root cause of an individual's condition, rather than just the symptoms. Since growing up with chiropractic care, and turning to it when she sustained a back injury, it seemed like the natural path to take.  


Having owned and operated her own family wellness practice, she understands all of the moving parts that are involved. She also understands how all of the business aspect of things can often make a practice owner feel bogged down and overwhelmed, taking away the most important focus: the patient. Getting lost in the intricacies can also take some of the joy out of practice. When she decided to combine her love for design with patient education, Wholecare Resources was born. WR has since evolved into Elysian Social Collective, a hub for holistic chiropractors to find answers - solutions that can help make marketing, social media management, and patient education easy. So that practitioners can find bliss once again in their practices. 


Let's connect!

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